End of Conflict

I just finished playing World in Conflict. Probably one of the best RTS I've played. Its lack of base building feature is unique in the genre, and a definite A+ in my book. Now I feel that base building in RTS is only a hindrance. I also like the story and setting, an alternate history during the 80's where the USSR invades the US.

Anyways, I find this funny. Seattle, the birthplace of grunge, was the invasion point. At the end of the conflict two soldiers were listening to Whitesnake's "Here I Go Again". It's probably a hint that Kurt Cobain died, and that Hair Metal will continue to dominate the world of rock in the future. Now, that's one nightmarish alternate history to live at. But I could be wrong though since Audioslave's "Shadow on the Sun" is also part of the soundtrack, suggesting that Chris Cornell survived. Maybe, he survived but other members of Soundgarden didn't?