Top 7 Music of 2007

Music will always be a part of my life. No matter what year it is. But this year, I decided to get back to it and no just listen to it. So I bought a guitar amplifier and started playing again. Progress has been slow but there's still progress to my playing. There have been a huge change on my playlist as well, since I mostly listen to indie rock or post rock/metal. It's probably a sign that I'm getting old. I got myself a 30 GB mp3 player too, which is probably the biggest highlight for me this year (well...next to getting a job, anyways). So now, I can take my music wherever I go. But anyways, here are the best albums that I listened to this year. Boy, it wasn't easy making this list.

1. Mirrored
10 of 10
Artist: Battles

2. Ire Works
9.7 of 10
Artist: The Dillinger Escape Plan

3. 23
9.4 of 10
Artist: Blonde Redhead

4. Everybody
9.3 of 10
Aritst: The Sea and Cake

5. Let's Stay Friends
9.1 of 10
Artist: Les Savy Fav

6. The Con
9.0 of 10
Artist: Tegan and Sara

7. Wincing the Night Away
9.0 of 10
Artist: The Shins

Worst Album of the Year: Remains by Alkaline Trio
Surprise of the Year: Mirrored by Battles
Missed Album: None

Well that's all of my favorite music in 2007. Why don't you roundup your top 7 music of 2007 and share it with me.