New Year, New Phone

I just got a new phone, a Nokia 5300. It's a late holiday gift for myself because my newly upgraded phone went "kaput" last Christmas (the thing wasn't even a year old). So I needed a replacement, with a decent price tag, right away. The cheapest phones ($50) I can find over at the T-Mobile store was this -Nokia 5300- and the Motorola Razor. Since 7 of 10 people here in the states had the Razor, I had to go with the Nokia 5300.

I never even bothered about its features when I chose it. Since I'm not a phone person, I just didn't really care about the features. I just wanted a working phone. But the Nokia 5300 is probably the best phone I had to date. It's a pretty slider phone, a bit bulky but really light. It takes decent pictures and, since it's an mp3 smartphone, it plays awesome sounding music. Too bad that the battery life isn't that good for music playback and the packaged microSD card is only 1 GB.