No Resolutions

I've never made any kind of "New Year's Resolution" because I know it won't work. A year is too much time...too much time to procrastinate, and I am an epitome of procrastination. Besides, I did well last year -and the years before- without any resolutions. So, instead of writing a year long list of promises, I'll just take little steps by making a monthly "to-do" list.

This list is not a hardcore self-written law that restricts and/or forces me to better myself (like losing 50 lbs or such) but it is more of a guideline that'll help me manage my leisure time, health, and money. Because, even though I did well last year, I had a bit of a time crisis. That left me with plenty of unfinished games, half-read books, unwatched movies, and little progress on my guitar skills.

The content of this list should be short, sweet, and really easy to follow. It would include things like: books, gaming, music, budgeting, guitar playing, and health. Like I said, nothing too extreme. I'll put up my list tomorrow.