Games for 2008

2007 has brought a lot of great games. Unfortunately, only 3 games were released from my 2007 list (see here), and I only played two of them. Like last year, I still need to minimize my budget for gaming expenses (between $500-$600, maybe) since I'm saving for a new gaming rig. Ironic, isn't it, that I need to lessen my gaming in order to buy a gaming rig. I'm also going to boycott on all BioWare games until they update their development on Dragon Age. Anyways, here are the games that I'll definitely buy this year (in order of importance).

  • Disciples III: Renaissance
The game Heroes introduced me to turn-based strategy. But it was Disciples who pulled me in and made an addict out of me. It -Disciples- has always been a great franchise showcasing excellent gameplay, storyline, and fun. I just hope it'll be released this year...and if it does, I'll probably suffer from sleep deprivation.
  • Space Siege
I've probably mentioned it too many times that Dungeon Siege was the worst game I've played. Dungeon Siege 2, however, had a big leap of improvement over its predecessor. If Gas Powered Games continues to refine their role-playing games, Space Siege might just become a great action-RPG. But best of what I like about this game is it's sci-fi setting.
  • King's Bounty: The Legend
1C games impressed me with their 2d open-ended space simulation game, entitled Space Rangers 2, in late 2005. Now, they're going to release another game, a tactical turn-based strategy with RPG elements, entitled King's Bounty: The Legend (formerly known as Battle Lord). I'm pretty sure this game will be a lot of fun and sleepless nights.
  • Sacred 2: Fallen Angel
Sacred was a very fun action-RPG. I actually found the game to be very unique, during its release in 2003 (I think), with its horseback combat and open world exploration. It was unusual for an action RPG, with an isometric view, to have those features back in the day. While I'm not expecting innovation from Sacred 2, I still love to think it will satiate my taste for hacking and slashing.
  • Starcraft 2
I'm not much of a real-time strategy gamer. But it's Starcraft 2...I don't need to say anything more than that.

So these are the games that I'll definitely get. But, of course, there are other games I want to play as well. Like Fallout 3, for example. Although I won't be able to run those games on my current rig. So until I get a new PC, those game will stay off from my list.