Album Review: Fortress

Protest The Hero - Fortress
8.6 of 10

I haven't made any blind attempts (or rather deaf attempts) on buying CDs anymore, unlike in high school, thanks to mp3 previews. This morning, however, being an occasional impulsive buyer, I got enticed by Fortress' album cover and its on sale price tag ($8.00). I heard of the band before but not their music. So I didn't really know what to expect. As it turns out the band is like a modest and -an almost- radio friendly version of Dragonforce. They have shorter songs with lots of technical, but not overdone, bells and whistles. The vocals is great as well, sparingly using visceral screams and operatic melodies in balanced shifts. The lyrics, however, is silly and corny at most. But, overall, Fortress is an enjoyably intense album.