Convinced by a Pacifist

I always thought that the World of Warcraft were inhabited by warmongering, non role-playing, lewt craving, dood speakers. But a few days ago, while I was using blogger, I saw an interesting link entitled WoW Pacifist on my "Blog of Notes" sidebar. I decided to check it out since my interest in WoW have been increasing as of late, and I've been thinking about playing it, due to my discovery of Figure Prints (see post here). After lengthily reading his blog, I was proven wrong. Not everyone in WoW participates in the art of warcraft. There are also some links in his blog about characters who approaches unorthodox playing styles, such as The Naked Troll Project and The Melee Hunter. All three of them, but especially the pacifist, have convinced me to play World of Warcraft.