Seiya, Oblivion Operative

Lately, I've been enjoying The Elders Scrolls IV: Oblivion with an Operative, a customized class, whom I named Seiya. Here are her specs:

  • Birthsign: The Thief (+10 in Speed, Agility and Luck Attributes)
  • Specilization: Stealth
  • Attributes: Agility and Personality
  • Major Skills: Blade, Illusion, Light Armor, Marksman, Security, Sneak, Speechcraft
As for the race, I used the mod Elves of Lineage II (by Miss Onatopp). I decided to use the mod for aesthetic reasons at first. But I was able to build a good character around it based on the race bonuses. The mod is balanced as well. So, if you want to use it, you need not worry about the mod ruining the game for you. As for the other mods, I'm only using Exnem's Female EyeCandy Body Replacer (nude) and Rogue Outfit. All of mods that I'm using can be downloaded at TES Nexus.


Cameron said...

This char is really cool. What mod allows those weapons though? I think thats the original Oblivions downfall is the lack of melee weapon range both for stealth and hack and slash.