The Daedalus Project

I'm not talking about the European computer science research project nor the British study to design an unmanned interstellar spaceship. I'm talking about Nick Yee's The Daedalus Project, a website that conducts studies on the MMORPG cyberculture and psychology. While I haven't spent that much time on any online games, except for Lord of the Rings Online and Neverwinter Nights, I still took the test entitled the Motivations Assessment, which kind of determines your gaming style.

The Results of the Test

It's quite accurate. I don't really care about grinding and level up like a lunatic nor I do care about Player Vs. Player matches. But when it comes to the game mechanics, you'll always find me reading manuals or play testing a particular build and taking notes about them.

Scored 98% on role-playing and customizing. I always spend my time creating a character on scratch and paying attention if their skills suits their persona. I also like it when my character looks great . I don't care if my armor has weak modifiers as long it is cool looking.

True. I don't socialize a lot in online games. It's just a waste of money. Why would I buy a game and pay the monthly fees just to chat? However, I like to join role-playing guilds so I role-play with some people. No use role-playing by yourself.

Here's my overall results: 80% on Immersion, 19% on Achievement Component, and 2% on Social Component. The results indicates that I'm very good at walking in the clouds, an underachiever, and socially inept when it comes to online gaming. Well, that is something I already know. So, no surprise there.