And the academy goes to...

Normally, I don't watch any of the academy award shows (especially The Grammy). The reason because: a) my favorites don't get nominated and b) if they ever get nominated they don't win. This year's Oscars, however, was hard to ignore. I watched it since I was absolutely sure that Javier Bardem would win the Best Supporting Actor for his role in No Country for Old Men. How could he not win with his vicious, and yet nonchalant, performance as Anton Chigurh (pictured above), who's probably one of the super bad asses in known fiction. For me, the moment I knew he was nominated, all my bets were on him.

As for the rest of the ceremony, it was quite fun. Mainly because Jon Stewart did a good job as a host. I'm also quite happy that No Country for Old Men won the Best Film, and the Coen Brothers also took home the Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay awards. Though the highlight for me was probably Glen Hansard's and Marketa Irglova's (stars of the movie Once) live performance of the song "Falling Slowly" (video above), which also snagged the Best Original Song award. Marketa looked stunning too. In fact, she looked so stunning that Jon Stewart let her back on the stage for her acceptance speech after she was first cut off.

Both films mentioned above were on my top 7 favorite movies from last year. Once ranked first and No Country for Old Men at third. So their achievement made me feel victorious as well.