Unlit StarLite

I've been neglecting my Nintendo DS Lite for -who knows how long- months now. So, earlier, I browsed around the net to look for some games that will bring life back to my hand-held console. That's when I stumbled on a site named ds fanboy and learned about StarLite, a Starcraft homebrew being developed for the DS Lite. I was elated, of course, by the notion that my favorite RTS is being ported to a hand-held console. Still acting as a flabbergasted geek, I continued to search all articles related to Starlite. Sadly, that's how I -also- learned that, as of 01/22/2008, Blizzard raised a stop sign on the homebrew project, leaving the developers with no choice but to abandon it. Damn Blizzard. Now, that's one more reason for me to hate them. Ah, such excitement and disappointment in just one day. It just sucks that the latter of the two prevailed. I think I'll just get Advance Wars: Days of Ruin to satiate my appetite for strategy games.