Facebook for Gamers

Besides playing WAR, the only thing I'm doing as of late is slowly updating my GamerDNA profile. If you don't know what I'm talking about, GamerDNA is a social site designed for gamers. It's kinda like a Facebook, Twitter and Blogger rolled into one, except it targets gamers. It's actually a pretty cool website and there are a lot of gamer-centric features like level advancement. It also connects with Steam, Xfire, Games for Windows LIVE and Xbox LIVE. So every time you play a game that logs you on to one of these services, it automatically updates your profile and let the world know what you're playing.

The site is still in beta but it's looks pretty good already. So if you're a gamer, you better join in now. Then, make friends with me by clicking here.

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Sam "QforQ" Houston said...

Thanks for the kind words about gamerDNA! We're going to be adding a lot of new things and revamping the site over the coming months so I encourage you to stick around (or sign up for those that haven't ;)) and see what we're up to. We should be showing off some new-shiny stuff in the coming week :)

Thanks again :)

-Sam Houston
gamerDNA Community Manager

Skron said...

No problem, man. The site is cool, nobody can deny that. I will be sticking around and I'm excited to see the final phase already.