Bats and Deacons

Besides knowing about Mastodon's latest album, it's been a month since I did my regular routine of tracking down new music. So, in order to catch up, I visited various music websites last Saturday and was met with a flurry of A+ album reviews. Just when I thought that nothing good was out, and that I can save my money, a plethora of excellent music have sprung up this spring. So, instead of saving cash, I actually overspent ordering five full albums over at Amazon.

The CDs that I ordered were Hymn to the Immortal by Mono, Why There are Mountains by Cymbals Eat Guitars, Now We Can See by The Thermals. All of three aforementioned bands and albums are really good. Especially Mono, which is a Japanese post-rock band. However, my favorite is definitely Bromst by Dan Deacon, a genius electronica artists, and Two Suns by Bat for Lashes.

Bat for Lashes

Also known as Natasha Khan, I came across Bat for Lashes back in 2007 with her album Fur and Gold. The album was good, like Tori Amos good. But it never really sunk in me because I bought it during the time we moved. So it was stashed away and forgotten. But, I think, her latest album Two Suns will stick in me for a very long time. It's a very graceful, colorful and ethereal concept album. Natasha Khan's voice is also very impressive here, as well as her song writing. It reminds me a lot of 70's and 80's pop/rock artists. Particularly, Stevie Nicks. So if you're fond of that era and Stevie Nicks, I highly recommend this album.

Dan Deacon

I'm not into electronica, I admit. But when a good electronica act comes around, like Prodigy, there's a chance that I'd fall in love with them. Now Dan Deacon stands amongst those electronica performers that I came to love. This guy is a genius. His latest album, Bromst, is just so much fun to listen to. But what I like about him is that his soundboard is composed of junk (see here), like a cheap toy keyboard and used guitar effects. He doesn't use laptops, DJ equipment, or samplers (that's what makes him amazing). Plus, he performs in the middle of his audience and not on stage. This guy is one of a kind.

I know its too early to say this but Two Suns and Bromst have already earned their place on my Top 9 of 2009 list. These two albums are just amazing. In addition, with Dan Deacon and Bat for Lashes earning a spot on Lollapalooza, it just makes me want to go to the festival even more. Because I'm sure it'll be a lot fun with these two artists. For now, however, I'll just listen to their albums and so should you.

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