Comics Bundle: 04.15.09

I'm feeling kinda lazy today, and also out of time because of Warhammer Online. So I'm going to write a break-neck speed review here.

Deadpool #9
8.4 of 10
This issue reminds me a lot of the classic Deadpool books. Everything from his bouts with Taskmaster and to being in love -this time with Yelena Belova, the second Black Widow and leader of the Thunderbolts. So, as usual, there are tons of laughs and wittiness to be had with the theme, as well as gunpowder and explosion. The only thing I didn't like about the book is that the Thunderbolts are acting nuts as much as Deapool.

Uncanny X-Men # 507
7.0 of 10
I've been enjoying the Uncanny X-Men since their move to San Francisco. They're much more down to earth (no space or dimension faring) and are dealing with local problems such as hate groups or taking in refugees. The only thing I don't like about the book is that there are way too many things going on in every issue, spreading each book thin. But what got me excited about this issue, in particular, is the return of Psylocke. Yup, the psychic ninja, the British chick trapped inside a hot Asian body is finally back.

The Walking Dead #60
7.8 of 10
The Walking Dead is always a good balance of action and drama. That's why I like it because it doesn't remain stagnant. In this issue, it's more of action than drama and character study. Rick and their group stumbled upon a zombie herd, the biggest one they've seen. So that made them run...again. So Dale, one of the longest surviving characters in the book and a friend of Rick, is doubting Rick's capability to lead this time. But other than the running around and Dale's character shift, this issue actually got me bored.

Fables #83
8.0 of 10
This issue is the first of the Great Fables Crossover story arc. I'm not pretty sure about what the whole arc is about but, with Jack spilling in the magic beans, the Fables are finally going to meet their makers, the very writers who created them, the Literals. Plus, the fight between Bigby and Beast is one hell of a spectacle.

Secret Warriors #3
9.0 of 10
One thing about this series is that it's consistently strong and, under Johnathan Hickman, I don't see it buckling anytime soon. The young heroes in the book are developing nicely. Especially after they were defeated during their first combat with Gorgon, one of the ruling council of HYDRA. You'd even see Nick Fury in a different shade in this issue, an old veteran who had lost everything. Then there's also the new HYDRA, which is now more menacing and ruthless than ever. This book is definitely one of the best Marvel titles that came out in years. So be sure to pick this one up if you like comics.

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gillboard said...

I dig the whole spy game that is Secret Warriors, the story, dialogue and Phobos rock!!! Kinda like the male version of Layla Miller.

Skron said...

Phobos rock. But I still miss Layla Miller. I really love that one-shot with her during the beginning of The Summers Rebellion. I hope they'd make a series out of that. Because I love to see her, and the daughter of Emma and Scott too.