No Show

Olivia Munn on the cover of Playboy July/August 2009 issue

So if you're nerdy, like me, chances are you've probably seen Attack of the Show!, a program regarding gadgets and games that is shown over G4TV, at least once. The co-host of the show is a hot babe that goes by the name Olivia Munn, and she did a shoot with Playboy for their July/August 2009 Playboy. But, before you geeks grab your controllers and start rejoicing, her spread is a non-nude one (boo!). Looks like Playboy is trying to catch up with non-nude magazine like Maxim and FHM. That sucks.


Level Up said...

Unfortunately its only one page too, boo. The spread among others taken during the shoot can be seen online or at her website ^.^