Comics Bundle: 06.03.09 Pt. 2

Part 2 of my comics bundle. As usual, it's composed of titles from DC, Vertigo, Image and other publishers. Part 1 of my bundle can be found here.

Chew #1
10 of 10
"I need to have this on my pull sheet". That was what I said when I saw Chew's preview on the last issue of The Walking Dead. Because this title is just too damn good and too damn unique to pass up. The book is mainly about Tony Chu. He's a detective and he can get psychic impressions from what he eats -except canned beets. So if he eats a tomato, he'll know what fertilizers and pesticides were used on it. If he eats a part of a serial killer, he'll know the names of all the killer's victims and how they died. It's a gruesomely entertaining title. So if you're looking for a new comic book, I highly recommend this one.

Four Eyes #3
9.3 of 10
This title continues to astound me. I really love the art and setting, an alternative history in which dragons exists during The Great Depression. This issue brilliantly depicts the day to day life during that era. Of how desperate the people are that they'd take on a dangerous jobs, like dragon hunting, just to feed themselves, and of how the rich takes advantage of them. Like Chew, if you're looking for a comic book without capes and masks, pick this one up. It's a brillant book. The only problem I have with it though are the delays.

Batman: Battle for the Cowl #3
7.9 of 10
The Battle for the Cowl concludes in this issue. After the battle between all the Robins, Dick Grayson finally steps up to take on the mantle (or rather the cowl) of Batman. I knew it's going to be Dick Grayson, I don't think there's no one else. So this run has disappointed me. On the other hand, Damien being the new Robin pretty much surprised me.

Batman and Robin #1
8.6 of 10
This new title takes off after the Battle for the Cowl, which shows the adventures of the new Batman (Dick Grayson, first Robin) and Robin (Damien Wayne, son of Batman with Talia Al Ghul). This is an interesting, and probably the most refreshing, take on the Batman continuity. I just loved how Grant Morrison switched the personalities of Batman and Robin. In this title, Batman is much more light-hearted and Robin is more of a bad-ass. It somewhat reminds me of Grant Morrison's other work, The New X-Men, where he revisioned everything for the better. So I'm going to keep an eye on this one.

Jack of Fables #34
6.0 of 10
This issue is the fifth part of The Great Fables Crossover. As huge fan of Fables I thought this crossover is going to be really epic. But as I found out in this issue, there's nothing epic nor great about it. In fact, it even messed up the world of Fables. It looks to me like Kevin Thorn, the antagonist in this story that can change reality at his whim, isn't the only one suffering with a writer's block in this issue.

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Planet Markus said...

I also enjoyed Batman and Robin very much. I've even heard news that awesome artist Philip Tan will handle the art duties for issue 3. That's definitely something to look forward to :)