Comics Bundle: 06.03.09 Pt. 1

I was actually able to pull my comics much earlier this time (3 weeks worth of comics instead of 4). However, I didn't finish reading my Marvel comics bundle until earlier today. That's because I've been in too deep with Warhammer Online lately and everything seems to be on hold (reading, music, books and this blog). But that's okay, I'm having a blast playing WAR.

Anyways, for some reason, most of the Marvel titles on this current pull sucked. So there's really nothing much I can say about them.

Runaways #10
9.0 of 10

One thing about the Runaways is that they have a bit of everything in the group. An alien, a mutant, an android and a witch. So you could basically tie them to every section in the Marvel universe, from cosmic to mutant. In this issue, the gang gets tied up with the mutants as Molly heads to San Francisco to answer Emma Frost's rally call (as seen in the Manifest Destiny arc of Uncanny X-Men). This is a really fun issue as Molly gets a tour inside the new X-Men facility, and her guide is none other than Wolverine. The rest of the Runaways get to have their fun too as they get to hang out with the Young X-Men.

The New Avengers #53
7.0 of 10

Weak. That's all I can say about this issue, and the whole arc as well. I was pretty stoked when this arc was announced. Mainly because I was hoping that they'd make either Scarlett Witch or Nico Minoru (Runaways) to be the next Sorceress Supreme. Instead, they picked someone else, who was on the bottom of my list, to become the numero uno magickero. The only consolation here is knowing that the team will finally move on to the next arc. Hopefully, to tackle Osborn.

The Dark Avengers #5
8.0 of 10

I really loved this book during its debut. I liked how they tainted and mocked the Avengers title by injecting a bunch of crazy and quirky characters from the Thunderbolts. However, in the past couple issues, the only character being crazy and quirky enough is Osborn. And in this issue he just outshines everybody when he gave his speech to defend his Avengers and debunk Clint Barton's accusations. However, it is getting clear that this book is slowly slipping down the gutters. The content is not worth the price any longer.

Avengers: The Initiative #24
7.7 of 10

This book have been on my pull sheet since I started reading comics again. Admittedly, however, I don't remember any stories featured in the Initiative besides the Secret Invasion arc. The characters are forgettable as well since there's too many of them, and none holds the spotlight. So just when I decided to cancel this book from my pull list, something pivotal happens in this issue. Norman Osborn relinquished the control of the Initiative to Taskmaster (Deadpool's buddy as well as mortal enemy). I guess I'm going to give this book another shot.

X-Men #510
7.5 of 10

This issue concludes that attack of The Sisterhood on Graymalkin Industries, which is the new X-Men headquarters in San Francisco. Nothing big happened in here except that The Sisterhood got a lock of Jean Grey's hair. So they're probably going to resurrect her. Oh, Emma Frost rocks in this issue as well, both literally and figuratively.

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gillboard said...

wow... i'm not reading any of those titles anymore...