It's pretty evident that I've been slacking off with my blog posts. We're already half-way through the month of June and I still only have 5 posts in here. That's lame. The truth is, however, I'm having way too much fun playing Warhammer Online and it sucks my time out of everything. Normally, I'm not much into MMO's but this game is different. Plus, I've joined an awesome guild that has a lot of in-game events going on.

But, knowing myself, I'll get bored with this game and quit later, if not sooner. The most I could see myself playing Warhammer Online is about a year more. That's it. So what's next for me? Well, Champions Online is just on the horizon. Then there's also BioWare's Star Wars: The Old Republic. I also found a couple of noteworthy Dungeons & Dragons-based MMOs that are being developed right now. Here's a couple that I found.

Neverwinter Nights MMO
A lot of people are familiar with BioWare's Neverwinter Nights (NWN). But many don't know that the original Neverwinter Nights, by Stormfront Studios, was actually the first graphic MMORPG that ran from 1991 to 1997. So, now, rumors have been floating around that Cryptic Studios is actually developing a new NWN MMO for Atari. That's pretty interesting. I'd really love to see a well developed DND game.

Urban Arcana
I was taking a gander at Cryptic Studios website, trying to look for some info regarding their NWN MMO, and found this picture (above). If you examine it closely, the guys with the octopus heads look a lot like Illithids, which are monstrous humanoids from the DND universe. But the setting seems to be in modern times. So this could be an Urban Arcana (DND with guns!) MMORPG in the works. If it is, then my dream came true.

Dungeons & Dragons Online
This one's actually been around for more than 3 years now. I just didn't get into it. However, they're restructuring their subscription method from pay-to-play into free-to-play. So instead of paying every month, you can play this game for free. In exchange, you'll just have to buy your in-game items in cold cash...credit card works too.

Well that's my MMO forecast. Hopefully, I'd be able to snap out of my addiction before these games come out. I don't think I can, however. Especially with good games, like Star Wars: The Old Republic, coming out next year. And, if it's really in development, I definitely can't resist playing a game set in Urban Arcana.

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MikeR said...

First, thanks for the post on my blog. I love getting comments from other gamers, despite my blog not being a gaming blog specifically. I would like very much to be on your blogroll.

I actually find your news about a possible NWN MMO very interesting. Not only am I a big fan of the newer NWN games (1 and 2, I never did play the "original MMO" on AOL although a number of my old guildmates from Clan Axepeak did), but I also wonder what it could mean for DDO. You got into their new subscription model, being free-to-play normally, and if you actually subscribe you can get the "better stuff", such as the Drow race, Monk class, etc.

Would a new NWN MMO, if done well, effectively "kill" DDO? I know that DDO didn't, and still doesn't, have the subscription rate that Turbine expected...


Skron said...

I think a new NWN MMO is still far-off. Cryptic is still busy with Champions Online and Star Trek Online.

But will it kill DDO? I think so.