WAR Hammered

It's official, I'm addicted to Warhammer Online. I was assured of this last night while my guild and our alliance (composed of 2 warbands) were out in Tier 4 (Phoenix Throne server) capturing everything, locking zones and pushing the fight to all three fortresses!

So our alliance warbands were in Fell Landing, the first fortress to be sieged last night, playing decoy and keeping the Destro busy while other Order warbands took a minimally defended (or even an undefended) Butcher's Pass. After Butcher's Pass fell and the timer in Fell Landing expired we all flew to Chaos Wastes to lock it, hoping to assault The Maw as well. I didn't make it in the zone right away because I was stuck in the loading screen for about 10 minutes. So I decided to end Warhammer in my task manager and tried to re-log again. That's when I found out that my 3-month subscription had ended.

The Maw, flooded with Order players. All I can see in there were a bunch of jumbled letters.

I hastily tried to re-activate my account, and had to turn my room upside down because I couldn't find my credit card. But I made it in time for the zone lock and was able to get into The Maw. Our assault in Chaos' fortress was a lot of fun. There were waves and waves of Order players pouring inside. The the players who couldn't get in (level 36 and below) did a good job harassing Destruction players on the field, delaying their advance to fortify The Maw. Too bad, however, that I wasn't in the fortress when its Overlord fell and I accidentally opted out from the loot roll. But that's okay, we got two of Destruction's fortresses and had a shot at pillaging Inevitable City.

The invasion on Inevitable City happened around 2 a.m. (CST). Many of us, including me, who got in the city were first timers. Knowing that we had two full hours running around Destruction's city, I just had to call in sick to work. Yeah, I know it's bad but I have almost 200 hours of sick time. So using 8 hours just to experience Inevitable City seems worthwhile, don't you think? Because we might not be able to do this again sometime soon.

So let's see. I re-activated my account so I could play the game for another month, which will be my 4th month, making Warhammer Online as my longest played MMORPG. I called in sick to work just so I could keep playing this game. I have an end game character in this game (I have none in LOTRO and WoW), and as well as two characters that are above level 10. So yeah, I think I'm pretty much WAR hammered.

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MikeR said...

Lannerea and myself took part in the Chaos Wastes and Black Crag locks, even though we're only 29 and 28. It took us a while, since we had to run through all 3 Empire/Chaos zones to get to CW, but a bug and severe lag caused us to zone directly in to BC from BFP instead of KV.

Too bad the IC siege happened so late (early?). I considered calling in sick, but decided against it. I was really wanting to take part in the siege, or at least the scenario for lower levels. Ah well, there will be more in the future.

Congrats, and hope you "feel better". :)