E3 2009: Radioactive Highlights

I stopped following news of E3 after their mishap during the 2007 event. That was a disaster. A couple of big names in gaming were absent that year, and those who attended didn't reveal too much either. But this year, after stumbling upon a couple of event and post-event articles, I was so surprised of how much it rocked. The games that were showcased, especially, were just too mouth-watering.

But there be highlights, of course, because some games are just made to be better than others. So here are some of my favorite game articles and videos that were rolled out in this year's E3 event.

1. Star Wars: The Old Republic (Sith vs. Jedi Video)
2. Mass Effect 2 (Post-E3 Clarifications)
3. Tales of Monkey Island (Adventure Lives!)
4. Alpha Protocol (Upside Down Video)
5. Dragon Age: Origins (Hands-On)

All the link of the previews and videos above were just top notch. It made me want to play these games, moreso than before. The funny thing about it though is that all the games mentioned above are from the same developers that I have stuck by with during this years. 3 games (Star Wars, Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age) are from BioWare, 1 game (Alpha Protocol) is from Obsidian and 2 games (Star Wars and Tales of Monkey Island) from LucasArts.

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