A Box Full of Joes

After 9 long years, I've been finally reunited with my old G.I. Joe toys. These toys were my treasures back when I was a kid. I had 76 of them, excluding the vehicles. Now I only have a shoebox full of them (40 something). I don't know what happened to the other half. My aunt told me that they tried to look for other boxes but this is the only one they found in our old house. But it doesn't matter though. I'm happy as long as I still have my '85 Snow Serpent (which was my first G.I. Joe) and '88 Storm Shadow.

As per the condition of these toys, it's really bad. The white ones have badly decolorized. In some figures, the rubber band that are holding their torso and legs together are ruined, splitting them in half. Worst of all, the accessories of all action figures are gone. So restoring these toys to their former glory will be a bit hard and expensive. But I do plan on restoring them little by little, a figure at a time. It's good thing we have internet nowadays. I've already found an online store that might help me with the accesories.

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gillboard said...

ang daming gi joe figures ah...i only have 10..... and i lost them all... wonder how much you could sell those...

Klet Makulet said...

Ang galing! Ang dami!Mukhang di naman in bad condition o maganda lang ang pagkaka-picture mo.

Skron said...

@gillboard: Not much, unfortunately. It has to be Mint on Card to be really expensive. I saw a Mint on Card '84 Storm Shadow at a comics convention selling at $275. If it's loose but complete with accessories and in good condition it could sell from $10-50. Mine's not going to be worth anything.

@Klet: I just put the good ones on top.

Reymundo said...


I ENVY YOU DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Skron said...

@Reymundo: LOL. I know you have a lot of G.I. joe figures back then. But you have 2 other male siblings. So, between the three of you, I guess the wear and tear of the toys are upped by three times.