Less Heroic, More Vertigo

The comics that I have been reading these days are becoming less super-heroic. But it's not a bad thing, however. It's just that I cleared a couple Marvel comics off my list to make space for some new Vertigo titles. It's not the "Disney effect" either, mind you, like some people might think. I don't blame Marvel for selling themselves off to Mickey Mouse so they can cross over to the Disneyworld. I just can't read and/or afford too many comics. That's all. So I have to manage my time and money wisely.

Anyways, the new Vertigo books that I'm reading are awesome. I especially love The Unwritten. The story, I think, is based on an idea of what if Harry Potter (or any other popular fictional character) becomes real? It's a fun and refreshing book to read. Greek Street is also a cool book. It's basically a hodge podge of Greek myths that are retold with an urban touch. Then there's Sweet Tooth. Its story is about a deer one, a boy with deer antlers. I don't know much about the setting yet since it's only at its #1 issue. But I already like it. The book is well-written, full of emotions.

So these are the books that I replaced Dark Avengers, Avengers: The Initiative and Wolverine with. While I'll definitely miss my Marvel books, all 3 Vertigo books are sure worth it. If you like comics, or don't like it at all, I suggest you grab and read these titles.

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gillboard said...

i've been reading alot of good reviews for The Unwritten. Too bad, i don't have budget to add new titles on my pull list.

Skron said...

Well, then, cancel one from your pull sheet. I did.