Comics Bundle: 09.17.09 Pt. 2

The is the second part of my Comics Bundle for this September (part 1 is here). As always, the part 2 deals with non-Marvel comics. For some reason, all of my non-Marvels in this bundle are just too awesome. I actually had a hard time picking 5 issues to review.

Fables #88
9.3 of 10

Of all my comic book titles, Fables is definitely the one that I missed the most. Thanks to the crossover that choked the life out of the title like an arterial blockage. But now that it's done and over with, I'm happy to be reading Fables with all its quirky characters again. Speaking of characters, the main ones like Snow and Bigby aren't present in this issue. But others are getting some spotlight, which I'm glad. The witches, especially Frau Totenkinder, are stepping up into the plate as they gather power to confront the Dark Man. Beauty and Beast are also getting some attention that they deserve. Hopefully, the couple will get as much limelight as Snow and Bigby, even at least in this story arc.

Batman and Robin #4
8.7 of 10

The main Batman title has become too unbearable for me to read. With Dick Grayson now in full swing and all smiles wearing the cape and cowl, I never thought that I'd miss Bruce Wayne that much. Luckily, Batman and Robin has a lot of edge. Of course, that edge comes from Damien (who seems to be keeping Dick from smiling). He's a tough little kid who can really fight, and shows great potential to become Batman. Even Dick, with all that experience, can't sneak up on him. I just wish that he'd grow up soon enough to replace Dick as Batman.

DMZ #45
9.5 of 10

Like Fables, DMZ was also interrupted by a 3-part story arc that flowed outside the main continuity. While I enjoyed the story, I'm nonetheless glad to have Matty and Parco again. Matty Roth has surprisingly evolved. If compared to a couple issues back, he's now a much more confident, ballsier and ruthless character. While he still works for Parco, he acts more of his adviser rather than an underling. He even have his own security crew -which includes the sniper Angel from the early issues. All in all, this is an awesome issue.

Chew #3
9.7 of 10

Tony Chu is probably the most unique character in the comics industry right now. As a detective "cibopath", a person that can get psychic from impressions from what he eats, he'll know who killed a person just by eating the corpse of the victim. But just when I thought the creators are done making unique characters, they brought out Amelia Mints into the fold. Mintz -who is also the love interest of our protagonist- is a "saboscrivner", a person who can describe the taste of food (good or bad) so accurately that all those who listens to her or read her writings will also be able to savor it. Now how cool of a character is that?

The Walking Dead #65
9.0 of 10

The Walking Dead, to me, has been a medium to explore the twisted side of humanity, the dark side that is borne out of desperation. In the recent arc, Kirkman gave us cannibalism when a group of man-eaters pursues Rick and his crew. But one thing I love about this group of cannibals is that they're not some mindless, hungry primitives. Kirkman actually defended them by giving them a sense of logic. Even though their logic may seem twisted, it's actually part of the natural order, the survival of the fittest. This actually made me pause.

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gilbert said...

i only read batman & robin... wala ka Blackest Night? It's really good!!!

Skron said...

Yeah, I heard Blackest Night is really good. I want it on my list but I've recently added Greek Street and The Unwritten to my list. So I don't want to add some more. I'll just wait for the collected trade.