First Impressions: Arkham Asylum

I've never really followed Batman: Arkham Asylum during its development. I was expecting that it's going to be a bad game, like most comics-to-games are. But when I tried out the demo, a few weeks ago, I was blown away by it. So, as a birthday gift to myself, I bought this game the moment I turned 20 something.

As it turns out, the demo only featured a part of what the game has to offer. Besides the free flowing combat and stealth action that were showcased on the demo, elements of adventure games and even RPG are also integrated in the gameplay. You can gain experience in this game and upgrade your gadgets or learn new fighting moves. There are also puzzles, courtesy of The Riddler, to test your detective skills.

My initial impressions of this game is pretty solid. The game displays a lot of kick-assery and the story couldn't be any better. It also runs really smooth on my machine, even with its top notch graphics. It's a well-made game, and I've never played one since BioShock.

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gilbert said...

haven't been here in awhile.

this is what i'm currently playing, and I'm so addicted to this game. brings back memories of Batman: The Animated Series.. only better.

mobias said...

huh huh..you said kick-assery... that rocks!

Yeah i heard this was a cool game, and it seems MARK HAMILL outdid his previously subdued animated version of Joker for this game..per your preview, i might have to pick this one up as well.