Black Wings

I've only played a couple MMORPGs (6 total), and 4 of which I've played since beta and the early access program. Amongst those 4 games, Aion is by far the biggest with 400,000 people participating in the head start program alone. That means, all the servers were already overpopulated even before it went live officially.

So, ever since Sunday (start of the early access), I've been queuing up for as long as 3 hours before I could play the game. Yesterday (Tuesday, the day the game went live) was even worse because I waited for, what seems like, 6 hours before I could get in the servers. I didn't really mind waiting, however, because I can always load up Arkham Asylum or read a book/comics. But I can understand why others are frustrated. I mean, their subscription -their time and money- is wasted every day. I hope NCsoft fixes this problem as soon as possible if they want their customers to stay.

Anyways, as for me, I've probably spent more time queuing for the game rather than playing it. I've been on it since Sunday but my character is only a level 11 Cleric (see here). But I've finally earned my wings today, and also joined the Gaiscioch legion (which is also my guild in Warhammer Online). Hopefully, since I'm off from work for two more days, I'd be able to put in some time on the game and reach a level 20 by Friday.

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mobias said...

Oh come on tough guy...have you a pilot in EvE to speak of? Now there's a test of one's patience...heh.
2 months and I love it though...

Skron said...

I actually tried playing EVE -and I believe it's because of a post you made. But there's too much content for a guy who plays many games. You need to devote all of your time on EVE in order to play it well.