Vertigo #1 for Free

Unexpected things happen and, today, my front tire went kaput. So I have to replace it immediately, or else I have to walk to work. It's a good thing that I know how to budget, and that I have some money saved for emergencies such as these. Nonetheless, I still need to replace that saved money, and in order to that I have to re-budget my gaming, books, comics expenditure for the upcoming months.

While I was doing my re-budgeting thing, because I'm cutting my comics spending to $30 per paycheck, I went to Vertigo comics website to check out their release dates. By doing that, I'd know which comics I'd prioritize or sacrifice within a two-week period. But the funny thing is, and speaking of budgeting, I found out that they [Vertigo] are offering the .pdf of their first issues for free. Now, isn't that nice?

Vertigo is a subsidiary of DC comics, and they publish all the mature comics DC can't, won't, or don't. Most of these comics are really good, and some of them I've read and/or still read. But if you really don't know where to start, then start with these:

There you go. Happy reading. I hope you'll love them.

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