Elyos for Breakfast!

Early access for Aion starts tomorrow, and a lot of my guildmates are already excited. I am excited too. But probably not as much as they are because I have yet to see the PvP content of the game, to see if it's better than Warhammer Online.

Arkathos, he's a cranky priest.

I've already pre-selected my two characters, Arkathos (Priest -> Cleric) and Arkathor (Warrior -> Templar), just this morning. I tried yesterday but it was a no go since NCsoft blocked character creation -in order to balance population and races- on my guild's selected server. Anyways, me and my guild, Gaiscioch, will be Asmodians on Zikel. Look us up if you want to roll with a casual and mature guild on Aion.

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