Blizzard in Spring

The last week of winter was very pleasant. The sun was shining all day, every day and the temperature was in the mid-60's. The first day of spring, however, was abysmal. It snowed.

Yet, even though the temperature was freezing yesterday, all I can think about was getting myself a Strawberry Cheesequake Blizzard ice cream from Dairy Queen. My craving for the said frozen confection was so paralyzing I couldn't get myself to do anything, even read comics or play games. So, even though the road was slippery with ice, I drove to the nearest DQ just to satiate my appetite.

Sadly, the nearest DQ from my place is at a mall. I detest going to malls. Being surrounded by high school mall rats makes me old and cynical these days. But since it was snowing outside, I thought that the bad weather might turn the mall into a desolate building, devoid of teenyboppers. But I was wrong. It's almost time for the promenade so the mall was crawling with teenagers, hunting for coats and gowns to wear on that "special" school event. It was scary.

But, with or without teenagers, I waded through the crowd with one purpose: to get my Strawberry Cheesquake Blizzard. I single-mindedly moved towards DQ, ignoring the shoppers until I reached my destination. When I did, I ordered a large cup of Blizzard. The first spoonful I had made everything disappear. It was heaven.