Draconic Mods

Dragon Age: Awakening came out about a week ago. I didn't buy it. I don't want to. Well...I want to. But, because of the New Year's resolution that I made, I'm only going to buy the game when it's on sale or if the price drops. So in order to occupy myself, and keep me away from buying Dragon Age: Awakening at the drop of a dime, I tried my hand with the Dragon Age toolset again.

My custom amulet for Dragon Age: Origins.

The toolset is really complex. It boggled me even more than the Aurora or Electron toolset did. I failed the first time I tried making mods with it a couple weeks ago, and that was 8 hours of my life gone to waste. But this time, unlike the last, I was able to give my character an in-game item, a god-like amulet. I didn't do it by myself, of course. I had help using the step by step instruction on how to make custom items from weriKK's blog.

But even with this, my modding skill is still at level 0 though. I'm nowhere near as good as those modders who made the Grey Warden Runic Armor or The Ivory Tower mods (two of my favorite armor mods). Those guys are pros. It's still a step forward for me, nonetheless.

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