C U @ C2E2

When I attended Wizard World Chicago a couple months ago, some random person inside the convention grounds handed me a C2E2 pamphlet. Thinking it was garbage, I just threw the flyer into the nearest waste basket without even reading it. Then, a few weeks ago, the owner of the comic store that I frequent at asked me if I'm going to C2E2. Not having any idea of what he was talking about, I asked him what's C2E2?

The store owner looked at me, quizzically. He was probably running the questions "Are you a moron?" or "Did you lock yourself in your parent's basement in the last ten years?" in his mind. But he did answer my question. He told me that C2E2 is a new comics convention here in Chicago, and it's organized by the same people who organizes the New York Comic Con.

That, of course, got me really excited. NYCC is probably one of the best comics convention in the country. It's not as big as the San Diego Comic Con but it's more comic-centric and way much better than Wizard World conventions. In addition, the event will also be held at the McCormick Place, which is a very big and nice venue. So I'm pretty certain that C2E2 will be awesome.

I just bought myself a weekend pass and I'm really starting to get jumpy here, especially after I browsed their guest page. There are a lot of big names in the comic industry that are coming to C2E2. I probably won't have the time to meet them all. So I made a priority list of who I want to meet first.

  1. Bill Willingham - Fables writer and author of Peter & Max.
  2. Neil Gaiman - Do I need to explain why I'd like to meet him?
  3. George R.R. Martin - Author of the Song of Ice and Fire saga.
  4. Jeph Loeb - Comic book writer icon.
  5. Jeff Smith - Bones writer and creator.
  6. Johnathan Hickman - Secret Warriors writer.
  7. Joe Quesada - Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief
  8. Max Brooks - Author of World War Z and the Zombie Survival Guide.
  9. Kevin Conroy - The voice of Batman.
  10. Jim Lee - Comic book artist icon.
If I could meet at least half of these folks on my list, and get their autographs, I'd be a really happy man.

Now, who else is going to C2E2?

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