Why I Love Chuck

No, before you guys get any ideas, I'm not in love with a guy. But rather, I'm in love with a TV show called Chuck. I'm so in love with it that I would actually find a way to talk about it, bring it up in conversations just like you would with your crush. You may have also noticed that I've been mentioning the show quite a lot in this blog. I'm sorry, I can't help it. But I'm very addicted with the show.

Objectively, I don't think Chuck is that great. Especially if compared to other Monday prime time shows like How I Met Your Mother or House. The show has a good mix of drama, action and comedy. But it's not as epic as Lost or as funny as 30 Rock. What I do love about the show, however, are the characters -and also Yvonne Strahovski- because they're all fun and very real.

Each character in Chuck, I just want to hang out with. I want to drink Black Label with Casey, and maybe talk a bit about guns. I want to hang out with Sarah and help her with her relationship with Chuck. I want to work at the Buy More and do some crazy stuff with the Buy Moron staff. I want to be a part of Morgan's Call of Duty crew. I want to be the rhythm guitarist of Jeffster. Lastly, I want to be best friends with Chuck.

Minus the computer brain and a sexy spy handler, Chuck and I are almost alike. We both have a degree but we're underemployed. The worst part is, even though we could find a better job, we seem to enjoy our current work due to our co-workers. We even listen to the same bands like Arctic Monkeys and Arcade Fire. He owns a Les Paul guitar, like I also do. He's a big fan of Y: The Last Man, which I also am. Then, like me, he too is a gamer. So it just makes sense that we should be best friends.

Alright, the last paragraph may have been too much, too Zac Levi stalker type. But what I'm trying to say is that Chuck is the kind of show that I can actually be a part of. As a geek who knows some techno-babble and a lot of pop cult references, you can throw me in with Buy More lot as a character -not as an actor- and it'd be as normal as daylight. That's what I love about the show. I can totally relate to most, if not all, of the characters.

Hmm. I think I just turned into a fanboy.

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The Scud said...

i like chuck too. it's fun to watch. no need to think too much like my other favorite show - LOST. it keeps getting better and better too. medyo edgy na. :D

lucas said...

Long Live, BUYMORIA! haha! I am currently hooked on Chuck. I'm doing a season 2 marathon. Ep 11 na yata ako I think. I really thought na nacancel na yung show. buti na lang may season 3 pa. Chuck is a feel good show.whenever i watch it, i feel lighter. haha! same thing whenever i watch FRIENDS.

iceberg said...

Nice show. It's no wonder my brothers were fighting with mom for the remote(she watches tagalog soaps)during wednesdays here in Phi(not sure if its wednesdays). I like the show but I'm not crazy about it (i dont wanna invest in what-seemingly-promising shows in the beginning and they fail me so bad on the latter seasons. e.g. Heroes, 24, Jag, Alias, etc). Anyways, i like the review, and if i have time, i think ill watch a marathon of it

Skron said...

@Scud: One thing I love about it is to always watch out for some pop culture references. I always like to find some little things in Chuck's apartment all the time.

@lucas: Almost got canceled. But Chuck's loyal fans gathered around to petition NBC.

@iceberg: Chuck doesn't aim that high in terms of plot. So I don't think it'll go bad anytime soon.