Demo Monday: Supreme Commander 2

Unlike most gamers, I don't really hold Chris Taylor in high regards. That's probably because I'm only familiar with his Dungeon Siege series, which isn't that good of a game. A member of a gaming forum that I used to frequent at said that I should play all Chris Taylor's real-time strategy games, especially Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander, if I really want to know how good of a game developer he is.

Sadly, I still haven't played any of Chris Taylor's RTS games. So when a demo of Supreme Commander 2 was made available on Steam this morning, I took the time and opportunity to download it and gave the game a go.

The demo is consisted of two parts: the tutorial and a preview of the campaign.

The tutorial part teaches the most basic things in RTS games like how to move the camera, how to move a unit and such. It's really designed to teach the greenhorns to RTS. So if you've played any RTS games, you might as well skip this one.

The campaign preview, however, is pretty thick with huge battles. I didn't expect the first mission to be so dense with action right away. I thought you'd only have a couple of units, and without a base, to disable or disrupt your enemies plans. But I was provided with a base with capabilities to produce a couple types of air and naval units, and also a research tree to upgrade my units.

As for the battles, they really are epic in this game. There were many times in the campaign that I was being attacked on multiple fronts. So I have to mass produce a lot of units and defend those areas. Sometimes, I have so many units that I have to use the map overview in order to locate all of them or to see whether they're winning their battles. The multi-tasking and micro-managing of units here is quite overwhelming. Know I now why this game is called Supreme Commander.

Supreme Commander 2 seems to be a pretty fun game, and I do crave for more. Unfortunately, Dragon Age: Awakening and Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising is also going to be released this month. So I think I'll skip this game until it goes on sale. As for Chris Taylor, looks like he won me over with this game.

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Lemon Writer said...

i only know age of empires 1, rise of rome, and 2; rise of nation; and age of mythology.

i'm so old.

Big Hamster said...

Blasphemy! Dungeon Siege is the bomb! Yes it's only hack and slash ... er, yeah, it's only hack and slash and not much of any character development.

Skron said...

@Lemon Writer: I love Age of Empires and Rise of Nations.

@Big Ham: True, that. Though DS 2 improved a whole lot though. I was also expecting a lot from Space Siege but that game sucked as well.