Black Friday List

It's almost Thanksgiving Day, and that means the Black Friday sale is only a couple days away. Though I promised myself not to spend excessively, and have budgeted $200. Black Friday is also very chaotic and can be very disappointing. You have to wake up really early in the morning, stand outside the cold to wait for the store to open, trudge through the chaos of holiday shopping, only to find out that what you want is not on sale. So I kinda prepared in advance and checked several Black Friday websites (www.bfads.net and www.blackfriday.info) to find out if what I wanted is on sale, and where I could get them.

Here's my Black Friday List: (most of which are from Best Buy)

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1. Western Digital 160 GB Portable USB 2.0 Hard Drive - $70 ($85 off!!!)

2. SanDisk Sansa Clip (2 GB) Mp3 player - $35 ($25 off)

3. Half-Life 2: Orange Box - $25 ($25 off)

4. BioShock - $25 ($25 off)
Both the BioShock and the SanDisk Mp3 Players are gifts. I'd probably get 2 SanDisks to close the $200 budget. I also need to get The Witcher and World In Conflict PC games, but I already set some money aside for those two. So they don't include my Black Friday budget.