G.I. Joe's 25th Anniversary

Cobra Commander, Beachhead, and Firefly.

Yeah, I found these 25th Anniversary G.I. Joe toys when I went to Wal-Mart earlier this afternoon. It was very nostalgic to see these re-issued action figures, complete with the original artwork. Hasbro only released a couple of characters, however, and most of them I already have. But I'm so happy to finally own a hooded version of the Cobra Commander. I couldn't find one when I was a kid. I also didn't have Firefly (I only have the horrendous green version of him) and Beachhead. So I got them too since they're my favorite characters. Now, I wish I could go back home in the Philippines and get the rest of my original G.I. Joe action figures and vehicles. There are like 90 of them back home, and all in good condition.