DVD Spree

Damn, I haven't seen any movie for more than two months now (the last one I think was 3:10 to Yuma back in September). Not only that, I've also missed a lot of good films that came out this year. So, before heading home from work this morning, I stopped by F.Y.E. and bought a couple DVDs.

"A cooking rat? Now that's a gonna be a magical summer film to watch". That's what I thought when I first saw the preview. While I missed it in the theaters the DVD proved I was right. It is a magical film...and more. The movie also relays a message that we should appreciate a person for what he does, regardless of his/her ethnic, cultural, or social background.

This Is England, set in 1983 England, is about a young boy who found friendship amongst a group of skinheads after his father died in the Falklands War. This is a really good film that touches a lot of topics (both personal and political). It also presents the skinhead subculture, their fashion, music, and lifestyle. But, best of all, it informs us that not all skinheads are racists.