My Top 10 PC Games

PC Gamer started a voting website that'll let us -gamers- to vote for our top 10 favorite games of all time. Then, when the voting ends in September, they'll tally the votes for their Reader's Top 100, which will be published in the November issue of PC Gamer. What's more is that every voter will have a chance to win a high-end Cyberpower PC. A pretty nice incentive if you ask me. That's why I voted for my top 10 right away.

Here's my top 10 PC games:

10. System Shock 2
SS2 is a cyberpunk horror themed game that combines the elements of first-person shooter, role-playing, and survival horror into its gameplay. It's probably the most enjoyable and creepiest game I've ever played.

9. Star Wars: Knights of the Republic
Knights of the Old Republic was set in a time before the movies. As a fan of Star Wars, not only did this gave me a memorable RPG experience but also a chance to take a look at the history of that galaxy far, far away.

8. The Witcher
The Witcher is unlike any medieval fantasy themed RPG I've played. It's grittier and grimier, and the choices you make in this game are much more real. There's no good or evil choices. Just choices and consequences.

7. Thief II: The Metal Age
There is no other stealth-action game that can provide the thrill like Thief II: The Metal Age. Featuring cool gadgets, a steampunk setting, smart A.I. and intelligent level designs. This game is the cream of the crop.

6. Civilization II
Civilization II was my introduction to turn-based strategy games. The first time I played it, I was instantaneously infected by the "just one more turn" malady. As a result, I had plenty of unforgettable sleepless nights with this game.

5. Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn
Baldur's Gate II, an AD&D game, is probably one of the best RPGs of all time. The game features a great character development, an interactive dialogue system, a cast of memorable NPCs, and an epic storyline.

4. Deus Ex
Deux Ex is a FPS/RPG set in cyberpunk world where terrorism is rampant. Unlike other shooters, Deus Ex offers multiple solutions to meet an objective. You can either utilize stealth, dialogue, or brute force to accomplish a task.

3. The Longest Journey
The Longest Journey is more than just an adventure game. It's literature, and it boasts a well-crafted story, which combines the worlds of sci-fiction and fantasy, that is as good as any sublime film or book can offer.

2. Planescape: Torment
Torment is pretty much like Baldur's Gate. The same engine and system. The only difference is that the story, which is set in Planescape instead of the Forgotten Realms, is centered on self-discovery rather than saving the world.

1. Fallout 2
If there was a game that has dictated my life I would have to say it's Fallout 2. I've played this RPG many times, and its post-nuclear setting has got me wanting to be with radioactivity (hence Nuclear Medicine and the title of this blog).

So these are my top 10 PC games. I know that these games -exemplary that they are- won't get to be in the overall top 10. Since the PC games that most people only know about are The Sims, Half-Life and Blizzard games. But, I don't care if these games would make it or not. I like these games, that's why I voted for them. But now that I have casted my vote, It's time for you to pick your top 10 PC games and then cast your vote here.