Wonder Woman: The Animated Movie

The explosion of comics-to-film adaptations has made comic books all the hype now. So that's probably the reason as to why Direct-to-DVD animations has also grown exponentially over the past years. We've already seen Ultimate Avengers, Superman: Doomsday, Justice League: The New Frontier, and Batman: Gotham Knight. Now, finally, we're going to see Wonder Woman: The Animated Movie this coming February 2009.

I can only find a few info about the animation but it seems its Wonder Woman and The Amazons Vs. Ares, The God of War. I'm not sure if Bruce Timm is behind its production but the art seems similar to the Wonder Woman in the Justice League: The Animated Series. Also, Keri Russell (Felicity) will voice Wonder Woman in this animated flick.


caryn said...

coolness! i used to watch the linda carter series ;-)