Featured Band: Laymar

I have zero friends on my MySpace account. But I still keep it around because it's an invaluable source of new music (and even comics). I usually visit the site to search for new and unsigned bands, check out their profiles, and preview thier songs. Most of the time, however, I'll end up with nothing that I really like. But I do get lucky from time to time, and will find an awesome band like Laymar.

Laymar, performing live.

Laymar is a three man, post-rock band from Manchester, United Kingdom. Their line up includes Collin Williams (Guitars/Synth/Keyboards), Ciaran Cullen (Bass/Synth) and David Paul (Drums/Sequenced Electronics). Unlike other post-rock bands, they seem to rely heavily on synths instead of guitars and drums. Which gives their music an electronic edge, and light tint of Depeche Mode and New Order. Unfortunately, they only have one full song on their MySpace page, entitled NU1. But it's enough just to give you an idea how good this band is. So, go ahead and give it a spin.

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RONeiluke, RN said...

hays... new bands! i need new bands to make my playlist less boring..hays.. thanks for posting this... i'm adding you to my roll. thanks alot!