Batman's Next Top Villain

The Dark Knight already broke a lot of records and continues to be the ultimate moolah generator for Warner. That's why I'm certain that they're going to milk this franchise until its teats are swollen red, and release a sequel within the next two to three years. So the big question right now is: "Who's going to be the next villain?".

Well folks, I'm not too worried about that since Batman has the most interesting and craziest rogues gallery in all comic book super heroes. Plus, with Nolan's talent, I'm pretty sure he'll pick the villain(s) that would fit right in his grittier version of Gotham. But, for the meantime, if somebody asks me who should be the villain(s) in the next Batman flick, these are my top 4 picks (since all Batman films have featured two villains, I'll also present my lists in duos).

Bizarre Love Triangle: Talia Al Ghul and Catwoman

Talia Al Ghul and Catwoman.

Since Rachel Dawes is out of the picture, Batman not only needs an enemy but also a new love interest. So who's more worthy as a lover and enemy other than the jewel thief in a cat suit and the daughter of Ra's Al Ghul, who's now in command of the League of Shadows? Not only can they kick the Bat's butt but they can also break his heart. Plus, it'll be boon to us guys because, I'm sure, the actresses (hopefully not Halle Berry) who'll play these characters will be really hot.

Mud and Ice: Clayface and Mr. Freeze

Clayface and Mr. Freeze.

Using both these villains, they could use desperation as a theme (where it was fear in the first movie and chaos & order in The Dark Knight). Because both of these villains are desperate, not really evil. They're not out there to wreak senseless havoc or to grab some loot. Mr. Freeze is just trying to cure his wife, while Clayface (if based on the Batman: Animated Series) is trying to cure his disfigured self. But the main reason I chose Mr. Freeze is because I'm hoping that Nolan's version of the villain would erase Arnold Frostzenegger from my mind.

So those are my four picks. Except for Catwoman, I'm not very hopeful that these other three will appear in the Batman films. So now that I've chosen the villains, what's next. Of course, Batman's sidekick. There's no Dynamic Duo if Batman has no sidekick. Then again, there's no room for campiness in Nolan's Batman.


RONeiluke, RN said...

i agree na dapat hindi si halle berry ang gumanap!!! he murdered the iconic image of the Catwoman...worst movie i watched so far..

Skron said...

I haven't seen the movie. But I don't think you have to see it to know that it's bad.