Vinyl Art Toys

I love action figures/figurine. I own boxes upon boxes of them, a total of the ones I bought this decade and the ones I had when I was a kid. I wanted to display them in my room but most of the toys I own are cartoon and comic characters. As a grown boy I find it embarrassing to flaunt my collection in my room. It's also hard to display them without turning any room into a trashy toy store. But that leaves my room looking empty, and I don't want the type of figurine mother's display in the living room. That's when I decided to look for vinyl art toys.

I found out about vinyl art toys three years ago when my clinical instructor and his friend -both of them artists- were sharing pictures of the toys, which they took on a local gallery called Rotofugi. I found the toys to be very cool and spunky but they're not my cup of tea (back then, at least). Now, however, I'm in need of one (or maybe two) to put in my bare room, I may have to visit Rotofugi, or order online, since toys like these are really hard to find.

Here's some vinyl toys that I really want:

Geisha (Octopus) by Tokyo Plastic ($75)

This design is so cute and simple. It's just a regular geisha, except with a spunk accentuated by the headphones. It's genius and perfect for music fans. I bet this would sit nicely on my side table, beneath the lamp and beside my CD player.

Anarchy Teddy by Frank Kozik ($75)

You think teddy bears are cute? Well, not this bear. This one has a simple, chaotic and wicked design. If I have one of these I'd probably put in on top of my chest drawer.

Mainframe by Dean Bradley ($60)

Killer computer with wired limbs and legs for poseability. This would look nice on my computer table and would show how I love computers. I was looking for a night rider version (black with red screen) but that was a limited edition and probably costs a bazillion dollars now.

I don't have the money to get these very expensive toys. So, for now, I'll just dream on.


ArmCay said...

Hi there!..thanks for visiting my blog...you got a cool blog there.. :D
By the way, about my "anime post" and your comment for that post, thanks really, I appreciate it...especially when you gave a brief history on western comics...That was so great. Informative and fun. I forgot about the growing interests people have for western comics especially to those super heroes. I, myself is a fan of those Marvel and other superheroes. haha! But that is way beyond my post as it only covers anime and other things related to it. I may have been biased or wrong about saying that "western comics were exclusively targeted for young people", thanks for pointing that out (I think I'll just have to edit that...hehe). No wonder why you really commented on that, it seems that you're really a comic fan.. ;) So nice to have somebody like you to view my blog. I am not really a good blogger, you know. Just my pastime and outlet..lol

ArmCay said...

It's one of my "dreams or "goals" to collect action figures and other cool toys...so nice for you to post about this. I also have a friend who has loads of toy collections too...and I really admire and sometimes envy those who have rooms for such kind of collections...thanks for introducing these "Vinyl Art toys"..They're really so cool and I love to collect them whenever I get the chance.. :D

shurikenstuff said...

I love to have that Anarchy Toy, So cute with a badass effect...

ROneiluke said...

wow! these are the cutest action figures ever! ang cute! wahehe! i would like to buy one for my nephew though..thanks for posting..i'm adding you to my roll...thanks!