New Season, New Comics, New Pull List

I thought I'll have a lower expenditure on comic-books in the upcoming months, with Black Summer done and Captain Britain and the MI:13 canceled from my pull service list. But I recently received an e-mail from my comic-book store, and attached with it is an updated list of their pull service. The new list is impressive, it's now two pages long and includes a lot of new series. In addition, the list is also quite tempting, and I can't help it but mark down the titles that I want to read.

Here are the new titles that made it on my list:

Big Hero Six
I don't know anything about this title. I only had a glimpse of the original Big Hero Six mini-series, back in the late 90s, when my nephew was reading it. But Marvel released a sneak peek of the new mini-series about a month ago, and I was intrigued after reading it. The Tokyo-based setting, the manga-style artwork is something fresh to me. Besides, it was also written by this guy named Chris Claremont.

I've seen a lot of the Runaways graphic novel in our public library. But I didn't really care much about it since it was in the teen/young adult section. I just dismissed it as "kids" stuff. Boy, I didn't realize how much I was missing. Talk about teenage rebellion, comic-book style. It's super hero kids vs. their super villain parents. I'm so glad that they're back, giving me the chance to start this book on a clean slate.

The Merc with a Mouth is back! It is not known to many but my favorite comic-book character is Deadpool. Who in the right mind wouldn't love this guy anyways? Not only he's a wise-cracking, kick-ass fighter with enhanced healing, he's the only one in the Marvel universe that knows he's a comic-book character. The first issue is also a Secret Invasion tie-in. Now, I'm really excited to see what happens.

The Stand: Captain Trips
For a guy who love all things post-apocalyptic, I shamefully admit that I haven't read Stephen King's The Stand. So it's a good thing that Marvel adapted this novel into an illustrated format. Now I can enjoy this great story without being spooked by King's writings.

No Hero
Warren Ellis (probably my favorite comic-book writer) and Juan Jose Ryp, the men responsible behind Black Summer, are teaming up again to bring us No Hero. Honestly, I don't know much about No Hero, except that the characters uses drugs that give them powers. Nonetheless, I trust Ellis and Ryp, and I expect this book to be as great as Black Summer.

I shouldn't have opened that attached file. Because instead of losing two comics on my list I've gained three more. Right now, I just feel like chanting the HYDRA motto: "Cut off one limb, and two shall take its place!"