Comics Bundle 7/30 - 8/13: President Arroyo is a Skrull

Wow, I finally had time to pick up all of my comics last Friday. They've been piling up in the comic store for three weeks already. But I'd better get used to it since, with my new schedule at work, I won't be able to visit the store as frequent as before. Anyways, I'd like to make an attempt to review some of the comics that I've finished (I still have a lot). An attempt because I suck at writing comic book reviews (actually I just suck at writing, but more so with comic reviews) . So, therefore, I apologize in advance.

Secret Invasion #5
8.5 of 10
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artists: Leinel Yu, Mark Morales, Laura Martin

The heroes are finally getting ready to repel the secret invasion of the Skrulls (which, at this point, is no longer a secret). The Thunderbolts are buckling up and Maria Hill of The SHIELD is hot with her guns and decoy. But the half-alien agent of SWORD, Abigail Brand, is even hotter since she gets to save the day. First, she saves Mr. Fantastic by ordering all Skrulls to abandon ship and then she swoops down to the Savage Land to pick up the rest of the -now a little bit less confused- heroes. Now, I can't wait for the next issue to hit the stands...or the comic-book store.

A spread from Secret Invasion #5 suggesting that some politicians (including Gloria Macapagal Arroyo) and celebrities are Skrulls. Anne Coulter is definitely a Skrull.

Black Summer #7
8.0 of 10
Writer: Warren Ellis
Artist: Juan Jose Ryp

One of the most controversial title finally ends. This is probably one of the best titles in my collection, hands down (Note: I have a very small collection. Just a half-full short-box). That's why I'm a little bit disappointed that it's finished, and that the ending was anti-climatic and predictable. The writing, however, was fantastic. Especially when Tom Noir explained to John Horus as to why super-powered heroes just don't go up and kill a corrupt president. Not only did it close the story, it also made some sense into the rest of super-hero titles of the comic industry.

Captain Britain and the MI: 13 #4
7.0 of 10
Writer: Paul Cornell
Artists: Leonard Kirk, Jesse Delperdang, Brian Reber

As a Secret Invasion tie-in, this title came out strong with the whole "Magic vs. Science" theme. The last part, however, was just a lackluster. First, they killed John, a renegade Skrull who impersonates John Lennon. He's probably one of the coolest character in the Marvel Universe, and the best reason why I continued reading this title. Secondly, I didn't like how the Skrulls were defeated in England. When Peter Wisdom freed Merlin, who was imprisoned in Avalon, he also freed a lot of evil denizens. As payment, Satannish offers Wisdom a boon. Which he used to banish the Skrulls from England and Avalon by saying "No More Skrulls". Unoriginal and not funny. I think it's time to cross out this title from my pull list.

Wolverine #67
6.5 of 10
Writer: Mark Millar
Artists: Steve McNiven, Dexter Vines, Morry Hollowell

Just glimpses, but still no straight answer as to why the heroes died, why villains rule (Millar likes evil to rule) and why Wolverine became a pacifist. But that's understandable if they didn't drop the "big reveal" in this issue. After all, it's only the second part. But it's definitely getting interesting...and also campier. The interesting part: Hawkeye. Even though he's blind, he's still a very capable marksman. Plus, He also have a daughter with Spider-Man's daughter. The campy part: A gang of Ghost Riders and a place called Hammerfall, a pilgrimage site (which very much resembles a comic convention) where Thor died and dropped Mjolnir. Honestly, I want to drop this title. But since I love everything post-apocalyptic, I'm sticking to it until this arc is over.