Savage Dragon for Barack Obama

It is common that celebrities endorse a presidential candidate. But what I didn't know is that comic book characters can also do the same thing. In the latest publicity stunt to surface in the US presidential campaign, The Savage Dragon, a title character from Image Comics, endorses Barack Obama for President. Obama will have a cover appearance in The Savage Dragon #137, which will be out in Sept. 3. This is something I haven't heard of before -it's because I'm a neophyte to comics- so I just find it weird. But I guess, maybe, in a way, this'll help the comic-book industry. You can read this whole article over at The Moment Blog.

Anyways, this topic gave me something to ponder about: Are there any "Politicians Who Are Into Comics"? If so, I'd like to make a list now since that'd make an excellent list type of post.