Comics Bundle: 03.25.09 Pt. 2

This is part 2 of my comics bundle for this week (part 1 can be found here). This bundle consist of all comics that are not from Marvel.

DMZ #40
9.0 of 10
In the past couple of issues, we've seen Parco, the new Governor of Manhattan, acquire gold and even a nuclear weapon. Since we've seen him acquire all these things in Matty's point of view, we're also left out not knowing Parco's true intention. This issue, however, clarifies all that and it really makes sense. DMZ is in the shitter, trapped between two major warring factions. Then there are the unscrupulous corporations, small militias and even street gangs. How are you going to fend all these without money and a nuclear weapon?

Justice League of America #31
8.8 of 10
I know that the JLA have been slipping on and off from their game. But I love them nonetheless for the star-spanning action they give me. But this issue is one of the best I've read because they deal with an adversary that comes from within. Not like a traitor, or anything, though. But in the wake of Final Crisis, they reassessed their value as a team and came up with one word: Useless. So, now, Hal Jordan is leaving to form his own JLA, and with some of its members dead (Batman) or have other priorities to their people (Superman, Wonder Woman), Black Canary (chairwoman of the JLA) is left with an empty Hall of Justice.

The Walking Dead #59
8.4 of 10
There are so much to love about this title, and one of those things are the characters. All of them here are just a wreck. They're scarred not just physically but also emotionally and mentally. In this issue, they've picked up yet another crazy dude named Morgan, who had recently lost his son. The character is actually one of the first to be introduced in the comics but parted ways with Rick early in the series. So far, this issue was slow during the first half. Just the standard "stocking up" and building up Morgan's character. Nothing really exciting until the last few pages when they bump into a herd of Zombies.

Batman: Battle for the Cowl #1
8.0 of 10
"Who will be the next Batman?" is on everybody's mind right now, and this 3 issue mini-series will determine that. Following Bruce Wayne's death in Final Crisis, chaos ensues in Gotham as the villains take the city back. Meanwhile, Batman's friends team-up to stabilize the situation. The riot crazy atmosphere of the book is really great. It reminds me a bit of No Man's Land with all its chaos. The book's plot, however, is not as thick as I expected it to be. At least, not as thick as Morrison's run with the Batman series. It's a good thing that the action is plenty in here and will keep you entertained.

Fables #82
7.5 of 10
Wow, I've never thought I'd give Fables a mark below 8. But this issue is really weak. The only thing worth noting about it is the ending, where Bigby Wolf and The Beast is about to go and beat each other to a pulp. So who do you think will win? The Big Bad Wolf, from Little Red Riding Hood and Three Little Pigs, or the Beast, from Beauty and the Beast?

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