The Guild

I just watched 7 episodes of The Guild over at YouTube. If you don't know anything about it, The Guild is an independent comedy webisode that features the different stereotypes of online gamers. As a gamer myself, and a recently drafted World of Warcraft subscriber, I had a lot of fun watching the sitcom. The webisode also shows the dangers of online gaming which is addiction, and all the complications that comes from it. The main character suffers from depression while some of her guild mates becomes a neglectful mother or an obsessed stalker. I don't know if that's really true but the possibility is highly likely.

Watching the webisode also made me realize that, even though I play a substantial amount of games and that I don't have a budding social life, I'm not a hardcore gamer (as I thought I was) and that I still have a life (not that much, but still). Well, maybe that's only because I'm busy with work and have a lot of hobbies that disrupts my gaming time.


Codex said...

Thank you so much for the post! Hopefully you can resist becoming addicted to WOW like I did :)

Also, if you could take the time to vote for us in the YouTube 2007 web video awards under "Series" I would so appreciate it! www.youtube.com/ytawards07

You can vote every day, 1x per day until Wed. It will be very hard to win so every vote counts!


Skron said...

If you're really Felicia Day, then: Oh wow. Just when I thought nobody reads this blog and then you appear, an internet superstar.

If you're not Felicia Day, then: Fuck off!

Sorry, I just don't trust people online that much. I mean, I pretend to be a muscular 22 years old with childhood aspirations of becoming a priest but ended up as a Paladin. So anybody can just pretend to be Felicia Day.

Anyways, I'd vote for you guys and don't worry of me getting addicted to WoW. I hate MMORPG in general and I hate Blizzard (But don't ask me why I play their games and WoW).