My Essential WAR Addons

I've been playing Warhammer Online for months now. While I'm not a master of WAR, yet, I'm very comfortable with my skills when it comes to the game. Although, I must admit, my skills would still be in the noob level without the help of some addons.

Addons (if you're non-gamer reader of this blog) are third-party applications that you can "add on" to your game and make your life much easier. Some hardcore elitist players refer to some these applications as "cheats". Fine. They can call it whatever they want to call it. But as long as Mythic does not tell me to stop using these "cheats". I will still continue using them.

There are plenty of addons for WAR out there, and searching for the right one can be ardous sometimes. So, to help you out, I've decided to post all the addons that I can't live without.

TargetRing - A simple addon that puts a ring around your friendly and hostile targets. It may not sound useful but, trust me, it's really helps you find your target amongst a sea of destro players.

LoyalPet - An addon allows you to access certain pet commands -like turning off auto pet abilities or binding pet attacks to one of your hotkeys- that aren't native to the game, making it easier for you to micromanage lion. This mod is a must have for White Lions.

Dammaz Kron - Also known as The Book of Grudges, Dammaz Kron is a Tome of Knowledge addon that lists all the players that you've killed, or players who killed you, in player vs. player combat. If you play PvP a lot, this addon is great to have so you'd know players to avoid and players to chase.

State of Realm - Probably the most used addon in the game, and there's a reason for that. It shows you a lot of things like your realm's victory points, which zone is about to lock, which keeps and battle objectives your realm still holds or being attacked by Destruction. This is a vital mod to have if you play a lot in open realm vs. realm.

Twister - an addon designed to let Knights of the Blazing Sun easily twist three of their auras while reducing the risks of getting carpal tunnel syndrome or other wrist injuries. I use it, I love it and my groupmates love me for it.

Miracle Grow Remix - A mod that transforms your Cultivating interface into a small box that you can put on the edge of your screen. This addon is really useful for Cultivators because it lets you plant and harvest conveniently. Cultivating with it is so convenient you can even plant/harvest your seeds while fending of a train of Choppas.

Squared - a unit frame addon that was specifically designed to give you a better view of your group or warband member's health. This is a must have for all healer archetype (yes, that includes the shammies too).

Calling - This is definitely the most fun addon I've ever used. This mod will make assist trains much more effeciently. Almost all players on my guild uses this addon during RvR, and I've never seen enemy players die so fast due to being focus fired by an entire guild. So if you're guilded or play with a permanent group, I suggest you and your guildmates/friends get Calling. It's fun and you'll be more organized in combat.
So these are my favorite Warhammer Online addons. I love them and, if you haven't got any of these yet, I suggest you get them. If you have a good or favorite addon that's not on this list. Then share them with me.

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