Beating the Heat

It's finally summer. Not my favorite season of the year. True, it's not as bad as winter or spring. But I like fall -with its cool temps and colorful trees- better than summer. Summer is just hot and sticky. It has its benefits though, like girls in tank tops and short shorts. But the summer's heat is a big nuisance to me and lessens my quality of life -which, as of now, is limited to gaming and reading.

One might wonder how summer heat can affect gaming and reading. They're done indoors, away from the heat and humidity, unlike outdoor activities like fishing or golf. Well, that's true. But my room turns into a scalding cauldron every time direct sunlight (from 3 to 8 p.m.) seeps through my windows. So I have to abandon my gaming and retreat into the cooler parts of the house. As for reading, it's not affected as much because I can read anywhere. But my books and comics -which are vulnerable to heat, humidity and light damage- are all stored in my room.

Windows with (right glass) and without (left glass) film installed.

So, earlier today, after being sick of stopping mid-game just to avoid the heat and worrying about my books, I went to a couple of hardware and home improvement stores to find a solar curtain. That way, if I have them on, it'll reflect the heat and light outside my room. I didn't find any though. So I bought a roll of window film instead. The store associate told me it works and looks much better than a solar curtain. Applying them, however, since I'm no handyman, was a bit troublesome. I wasted about half of the film roll before I decided to search for an instructional video at YouTube (hooray for the internet!).

But, by the end of the day, I managed to install the films on both my windows. I noticed its effects right away and it's amazing. It's still hot in my room but not as much as before. Plus, my AC unit can also manage the heat now without it huffing and puffing, saving me from big electrical bills. Now I can play games all day long in my room and I have also protected my books. Take that summer heat!

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The Scud said...

mas gusto ko summer. pwede mag-beach. pero dahil sa pesteng climate change mainit pa rin ngayom kahit rainy season na.

thanks for the tip, btw. gawin ko din yan sa kwarto ko. :D