D&D Online: Beta Invitation

Normally, I don't get anything good in my e-mails. Just a bunch of Facebook alerts and Viagra ads. That's why I was so surprised when I opened my Hotmail account and found a closed beta invitation to test out the newly structured D&D Online: Unlimited. Unfortunately, I'm too tired and too sleepy to try it out tonight. So I won't probably be able to give it a shot until this weekend.

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Level Up said...

Let us know when it goes live! Im interested in trying it out. I'm currently playing the Aion Beta and got back into Age of Conan. I wouldn't mind trying it out.

Skron said...

I missed the closed-beta event for Aion last week. Honestly, I don't care too much about the game. But WAR is slowly dying out, and my guild is planning on moving into other games. Aion is currently their top choice.

D&D Online is going live August 6th.

The Scud said...

you get viagra emails too? haha. spam!