Phat Loot!

As a melee DPS class in Warhammer Online, I die a lot in Tier 4. So I decided to stop playing my White Lion and started a tank archetype, Knights of the Blazing Sun. I really love my knight right now. He's been dominating scenarios in Tier 1 ever since he hit level 6. Plus, he doesn't die a lot. Although he'll probably give me some sort of wrist injury because I've been tap dancing on my keyboard, twisting three of his auras most of the time.

But, a couple days ago, some of my guildmates started a warband in Tier 4. I have no other character on that tier except for my White Lion. So I had no choice but to unleash my war lion, unsheath my woodman's axe, and jump into the fray with my guildmates. I was expecting to die a lot that night, and I did. But -and there is a but- I killed a lot of Destro as well. I also got some phat loot too. I won both Conqueror and Warlord wristguards (which I can't wear yet) that night, and received two gold bags from keeps which gave me an Annihlator mane and helm, completing my Annihilator set.

Now I feel a little better about my White Lion. But I still want to get my knight to get into tier 4 as soon as I can. Because I think my guild needs more tanks, not only in realm vs. realm but also in dungeons.

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MikeR said...

Hey, congrats on the loot!

I'm actually somewhat opposite to you, in that I played an Ironbreaker on Ostermark before the merge, and have switched to a Slayer since then. I find that I miss my Ironbreaker a bit (mostly because I love the look of the higher end armor) but I really do love my Slayer.

Lisa plays an Archmage so that may account for why I enjoy being a fragile MDPS so much (nothing like dedicated heals ftw!). She played a Runepriest with my Ironbreaker, and very little could stand in our way, but I found that I couldn't really kill much either. Now, with my Slayer, if she's concentrating solely on me there have been times (in Tier 2 mind you) where I have gone up against 5-7 enemies and killed them all!

Since you seem to enjoy your KotBS, go to www.warhammermovies.com and do a search for a movie called "Apocalipsis <something>". Apocalipsis is a European guild, Spanish I think, that works extremely well together, and that video is from a KotBS point of view in a 6man that is easily taking out 2 to 3 times their numbers in Destro. It's sick!


Skron said...

We had Ironbreaker whose wife played as a Runepriest too. They're pretty much indestructible. I have yet to find a wife who'll play with me. LOL.

BTW. If you're in Tier 4. Avoid hitting Pureblade, Vorath, Wargtington by yourself. They're all Chosens and I only do 70-90 damage against them. They're the reason that I rolled as a knight.