Comics Bundle: 07.22.09 Pt. 2

This is the 2nd part of my comics bundle from last week. Normally, I'd write the review an hour, or a day, later after I've written part 1 (which can be found here). But since I had like 30 stacks of comic books, I just couldn't read them all in just one go. Hence the delay.

Batman & Robin #2
8.9 of 10

This title is becoming one of my favorite comic book, and it's definitely one of Morrison's best work since New X-Men. I really like how both Dick and Damian try to adjust to their roles as the new Batman and Robin, and how they try their best to work as a team. Even the people that they worked with before, like Albert and Gordon, are also adjusting to them. Frank Quitely's artwork, which is nothing short of impressive, also compliments the vigor of this new team. All in all, it's a just very refreshing take on one of the of the oldest comic-book franchise.

Chew #2
8.5 of 10

Chew is probably the best new comics that came out this year (as of now). But issue #2 is a bit of a let down. It just lack the hilarity and gross factor that issue #1 delivered. Nonetheless, it has its moments.

Fables #86
8.8 0f 10

This title have been derailed from its normal continuity, and I was displeased with that. But, now that the crossover is done and over with, the title is finally on its right track. Which means they'll be focusing on the Fables dilemmas such as their current "housing" situation and their new nemesis Mr. Dark. This issue tells a back story that characterizes Mr. Dark, and also clears a bit of mystery that surrounds him. It tells us of how he was captured by Geppetto's empire, and of how he manipulated the events that led to the fall of the empire. It's one enjoyable read and I can't wait for the series to take of again.

DMZ #43
8.8 of 10

Like Fables, I also miss this title a lot. Mainly because the main continuity have been put on hold to give us a story from a different angle. But in no way this issue, and the whole arc, is a bore. It may not be tied to the continuity but it adds more to the setting by shedding light into other characters and factions that lives inside the DMZ, reminding us that it's a grim place. This arc particularly focuses on Tony and other NYPD cops that have stayed behind and became insurgents, a cult that steals, kills and inflict pain on just about everyone.

The Walking Dead #63
9.0 of 10

This book never ceases to amaze me with its study of human character and morality amidst a gruesome reality. We've seen many characters in this title who, were once decent and respectable persons before the zombie plague, have now succumb to moral decay. We've seen friends turning against friends for a piece of canned food, survivors killing fellow survivors for safe haven, and desperate lonely men trying to rape little kids. But, just when you thought you've seen it all, this new story arc ups the ante. Because, now, men have become the very monsters that they've tried to kill or elude since issue #1.

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gillboard said...

no blackest night? i liked the first issue...

Skron said...

Nah, I didn't want to add more comics on my sheets. Besides, when it comes to DC, I'm only sticking with Batman books